A little late, but a review of the Wizards new uniforms

The Washington Wizards decided to take it back to the 70s with a new old look. The Wizards changed their colors back to red, white and blue, their uniforms back to a look that resembles Wes Unseld’s championship winning team.

Even so, it still feels like it’s lacking something. The stripes doesn’t seem to come of right. And the red away uniform just seems out of place, why change when the 70s away uniform was blue?

The Washington wordmark in the away uniforms is rather small.

A cool little touch is at the bottom of the shorts. The way the start aligns with the bottom forms a “W”. Simple, but effective, showing that they payed attention to details.

The new wordmark is good. The “d” in Wizards becomes the Washington Monument. The “d” in the secondary logo sends us back to the fun Bullets logo, with the hand shooting the ball.

The alternate logo, a basketball with the Washington Monument seems a little busy, but, somehow, is pulled out nicely.

The Wizard logo still remais, recolored to resemble the new team colors, but it looks like it will be slowly pushed aside.

Now, if only we could have the Bullets back in the front of the jersey…

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