Kobe Bryant’s punishment was not enough

Recently, Kobe Bryant called a referee “effing f-word”. Bryant got fines US$ 100,000 for it. He offered a classic “non-apology” in which he, basically, said “I’m sorry if you’re offended”. Still, the NBA didn’t do enough in this case.

Let’s pause for a second and think what would be the public outcry if a white player would’ve called a black referee the n-word. Now, I’m not saying gay people and black people went through, and keep going through everyday, the exact same kind of trouble. But, the bottom line is the same: prejudice.

The NBA should’ve done more. For starters, those US$ 100,000 should be going to a gay rights organization like GLAAD. Secondly, Bryant should’ve been suspended without pay. At least for the last game of the season.

It becomes ever worse when you realize that Bryant sets examples for a lot of people. Kids really look up to their favorite players. And they, as wrong as it is, are really important to help form a young man or woman character.

The NBA should use Bryant on anti-defamation campaigns. Make him work with with kids so they can understand that prejudice, of any kind, is not something acceptable.

But, the most important issue here, Bryant should really understand that what he did was wrong, learn from his mistake and not let this happen again.

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One Response to Kobe Bryant’s punishment was not enough

  1. Erika says:

    I absolutely agree wholeheartedly. First of all $100,000 is just a drop in the bucket for Kobe and secondly, it was as if he was getting a slap on the wrist. The NBA should’ve stepped it up and forced Kobe to pay at least $500,000 to GLAAD (SO in agreement on you there!) and do a PSA for children becos it is gay children that are being bullied the most in schools. Loved this blog entry, babe!

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