About Carmelo Anthony and rebounds

Twitter is capable of beating a dead horse. The “Blame it on Melo” camp is still spinning its web. Recently, I read someone, forgot his Twitter name, complain that Carmelo Anthony “only grabs 6 boards a game”. Honestly, I thought it was a pretty decent number for a Small Forward. But, since I couldn’t rest without checking, I decided to put Melo’s number against two other great SF. One old: Scottie Pippen. One new: LeBron James.

Now, I just wanted to point out that this claim was made while defending Amar’e Stoudemire. Why NYK’s fans feel the need to blame everything on Melo while giving players like Stoudemire (he grabbed only 3 boards in one game!!!!! 3!!!!!!) and Landry Fields a pass is beyond me.

If you check per game numbers, purely, LeBron has a slight advantage. James grabs 7.2 rebounds per game, Pippen grabs 6.4 and Anthony 6.3. Not even one more rebound per game. But, LeBron plays 3.7 more minutes per game than Melo and 5 more than Pip.

So, what do we do next? Why, we check their “per 36 minutes” averages.

Would you look at that? They have almost the same averages. Pippen leads with 6.6, James has 6.5 and Anthony has 6.3.

And they are close in the advanced category, grabbing almost the same percentage of rebounds their respective teams have.

Another curious thing is, if you check the number again, Melo leads all three in offensive rebounds.

So, there you have it. Three future Hall of Famers. Almost the same rebounding statistics.

Still want to say Carmelo doesn’t rebound as well as he should?

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