Are you insane!?

You know, Insanity kicked my behind. I lost a lot of weight, was feeling better, healthier. Than… BAM!!!! I hurt my calf again. Only, this time, stupid me tries to play basketball. What was a small injury became a huge muscle tear. That took one month and a half to fully heal.

I’ll get back to it in a few days. Will have to do it from the start. Still have my new found love for gruesome exercise intact.

But, before I document my return to it, I’d like to give you my feelings to anyone starting.

A friend of mine, Marnie, said her mom got a bit scared about Insanity. Yes, it can be intimidating.You see some hard exercises. Some toned up young people having trouble doing it. I got scared, and I played competitive sports since I was 5.

That’s the beauty of Insanity. You do it in your rhythm. And, every two weeks, you do a series of exercises to see how much you improved.

For instance, the first week, I did 7 global lunges. Two weeks later, I did 12. Since every 1 series of lunges consists of 4 jumps, that’s 20more jumps.

So, if you’ve been sedentary, don’t be scared. Start slowly, stretch, take it easy. You’ll get there.

And if you wanna pick up running, my girl Marnie Kunz, and Ubi the Great, will have your back on RunStreet. Seriously, great tips, great coach. Go there!

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3 Responses to Are you insane!?

  1. Marnie says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Rubens! And more importantly, Ubi the Great, is ecstatic you are spreading his fame! Lol. Seriously though, great blog, it is helpful to get an insider’s perspective on the Insanity workouts. This post is very motivating!

  2. Yeah that Insanity is a beast. I’ve tried myself and its no joke. I can’t do it everyday though. I’ve been doing a mix of that and the shake weight along with my own individual exercises. Hey, good blog by the way.

  3. Marnie, Ubi is great, so, how could I not spread his fame?

    Ben, thanks! Feel free to come back any time :) . Insanity takes a lot out of oyu. But I like the way the program makes you push yourself. Thanks for the comments!

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