How handsome is my Brazilian love of my life???

It’s my teddy bawr’s 31st birthday (well technically it’s not until 11:45 A.M. Porto Alegre, Brasil time). I really wish that I could be with him, but at least I have the comfort of knowing that we are one day closer to being together forever.

I LOVE YOU, teddy bawr!!!!!!! And I wish you the best birthday yet filled with love, longevity, perfect health, prosperity, inner peace, joy, success, safety and many more bright blessings. You deserve all the best in the world cos you are an outstanding human being… AND the love of my life. I’m so fortunate to call you MINE, baby.

Give him a shout on his website, please! He’s an up and coming basketball blogger. This guy is soooo good that he called it a year ago on Carmelo Anthony coming to my New York Knicks :) ))

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  1. Rubens says:

    Aaaaaaaw, thank you baby! I’m so lucky to have you. I love you tremendously. And I’m the lucky one. Next one, we’ll celebrate together.

    Eu te amo minha gatinha!!!!!! Sabia?

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