Growing up I never was this very girlie girl. Far from it. I wanted to roll out of bed, put on my baggiest clothes and roughed up sneakers, pull my curly hair into a bun or twist and head out the door. The only thing I would take the time to do was put on a full face of makeup. Looking back, that’s certainly NOT a good look, but at the time, I honestly thought I was the flyest girl walking the earth. No wonder I didn’t have many boyfriends then. lol. Sheesh. I looked a ragin’ mess!

Fast forward to a decade later and I think I’ve finally grown out of that tomboy phase. I joined ShoeDazzle a few months ago and needless to say I’ve been stocking up on stuff I really don’t need. My room has been overrun by shoes, purses, earrings, makeup… did I mention SHOES??? Ugh. I can’t even walk into my closet for crying outloud.

So I have 2 questions for all of you fashionistas/shoe junkies out there:

1) The balls of my feet are ultra sensitive. Hey, I’m a newbie when it comes to heels. Are there any padding out there that will help the pain? Or should I just suck it up? :p

2) Do you know of any practical ways to store your shoes? Any good racks or what have you? My closet is utter chaos!!! I can’t walk in and look around. I guess I need Nate Berkus to help me out in the worst way! lol.

Would really appreciate your input!


2 Responses to “Spring for this Late Bloomer”
  1. Rubens says:

    as I read that your closet is “overrun by shoes, purses, earrings, makeup… ” you’re telling me you need to buy more stuff… yeah… Just wanted to point this out

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. Raven says:

    Gurrrrrrrl shoooo you know me!! I’m besties with the flats + the occasional wedge, so I have nothing of value to share *womp womp*

    And HEY I’m glad you dig the bags sis!! I will definitely bring one with me to sushi tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you love!!! MISS yous!!!


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